mâmawéyatitân centre construction progresses on schedule, on budget

Construction of the mâmawêyatitân centre is now over 50 per cent complete, and is well on the way to being finished in late spring 2017.

“Work continues at a steady pace and we’ve maintained our construction schedule,” Jeff Barber, Regina Public Library Director/CEO and Chair of the Owners’ Group, said. “It’s exciting to think that this facility and its services are scheduled to open and be available to the public a year from now.”

In addition to the project being over halfway complete, there a re several notable construction and infrastructure milestones achieved:

  • Exterior window glass installati on is 99 per cent complete;
  • Drywall installation throughout the east wing is 95 per cent complete;
  • The day care area is now compl etely boarded and painted;
  • Remaining interior concrete work on the east gym and the stairs is now complete; and
  • All site servicing work has been completed (water, sewer and st orm water).

Upcoming work includes:

  • Continuing drywall installation on the west side of the facilit y;
  • East parking lot has been excavated and sidewalk forming has st arted; and
  • Exterior stonework will be completed by end of June.

Overall cost of the project i s approximately $41 Million. Regin a Public Schools, with the support of the Government of Saskatche wan, is contributing $31 million. The City of Regina is providing $8.8 million and the Regina Public Library is investing $2.5 mi llion into the 100,000 square foot, integrated facility in the heart of the North Central community.

The mâmawêyatitân centre will be a central location that attracts residents who want to participate in community life, as well as access needed resourc es. The Centre is being built to meet community‐identified need s and will be a hub for the North Central community. It will be a place of cooperation and collaboration for service development, delivery, and access by and with the residents in North Central and all Regina citizens.

The mâmawêyatitân centre will ho use Scott Collegiate, as well a s a child care facility, City of Regina recreational services, a Regina Public Library branch, and a community policing centre. The building’s unique design allows each tenant access to share d space and amenities, making total usable space more than if each partner were to build stan d‐alone facilities.

For more information contact:
Colleen Hawkesford, ABC
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Regina Public Library
306‐777‐6015 (work)
306‐552‐7323 (cell)