mâmawêyatitân centre Construction on Budget

Construction of the mâmawêyatitân centre continues to be on bud get and the unique building is well on its way to becoming a reality in North Central Regina. Construction is more than 25 per cent complete, and is expected to finish in late Spring 201 7.

“The partner groups are pleased with how the Centre is proceeding,” Jeff Barber, Regina Public Library Director/CEO and Chair of the Owners’ Group, said. “The re have been no significant delays and we are on track to open in Spring 2017.”

In addition to the project being one quarter complete, there are several notable construction and mechanical milestones achieved, namely:

  • Installation of SaskEnergy gas line and meter;
  • Installation of a SaskPower transformer and vault;
  • Continued installation of steel erection, masonry and steel studs; and  Continued construction of the second floor suspended slab.

All concrete is scheduled to be i n place before the end of December 2015. Work in progress includes:

  • Significant mechanical equipment delivery, including air handling units;
  • Structural steel erection, as well as framing of non‐structural steel studs; and
  • Construction of masonry block walls, starting with gym and moving east.

Interesting construction facts:

  • 667 concrete piles for the foundation have been poured – some a s deep as 13 metres (43 ft);
  • Approximately 2,450 cubic metres (86,520 cubic feet) of concrete have been poured – roughly equivalent to 45 school buses full of concrete; and
  • The general contractor has already worked 17,000 person hours o n the project. These hours do not include hours put in by electricians, plumbers, ma sons and others.

Overall cost of the project i s approximately $42.2 Million. Reg ina Public Schools, with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, is contributing $31 million. The City of Regina is providing $8.8 million and the Re gina Public Library is investing $2.5 million into the 100,000 square foot, integrated facility in the heart of the North Central community.

The mâmawêyatitân centre will be a central location that attracts residents who want to participate in community life, as well as access needed resources. The Centre will contribute to the enhancement of the North Central community and act as a poi nt of collaboration, allowing for optimum services to be accessed by, and delivered to, the residents in North Central and all Regina citizens.

The mâmawêyatitân centre will house Scott Collegiate, as well a s a child care facility, a city recreational complex, a public library branch and a community policing centre. The building’s unique design allows each tenant access to shared space and amenities, making total usable space more than if each partner were to build stand‐alone facilities.

For more information contact:
Colleen Hawkesford, ABC
Manager, Marketing & Communications Regina Public Library
306‐777‐6015 (work)
306‐552‐7323 (cell)