Our Vision

“Our Vision: to contribute to the North Central community’s vision for a safe, healthy and caring community.

Our Mission: to provide services from a shared facility focused on youth and families within a vibrant thriving neighbourhood, in North Central Regina, that is a partnership between community, schools and service providers working collaboratively to improve outcomes in the determinants of health and social well being.”

Learning Across The Community

  • We all learn differently, and we learn all the time
  • We learn through apprenticeship
  • We learn through projects that engage our personal passions
  • We learn though a connection to our culture and place
  • We learn from daily interactions with the community organizations and businesses in our neighbourhood

Service Transformation

  • Integrated services, sharing space, governance, and learning programs
  • The “it takes a village” concept of learning applied to buildings
  • Building and Neighbourhood Concepts
  • Nurturing a neighbourhood learning network
  • Design patterns for interdisciplinary learning and service